IDPAC Silent Auction

Silent Auction Fundraising Event  


The Indiana Dental Association is an advocate for the dental profession as well as the oral health of Indiana citizens. We are always looking out for the welfare of the patient and advocating for the doctor-patient model in deciding the needed therapy. This work, coordinated by the Indiana Dental Political Action Committee (IDPAC), takes time and, yes, money.
At the upcoming Annual Session, IDPAC will host its major fundraising event of the year. This event includes a silent auction, which provides you with two fun and easy ways to help IDPAC represent your profession:    

  1. You can contribute item(s) to the auction and/or
  2. You can bid on items at the auction.

To contribute an auction, download the donation form or submit your information below.
IDPAC also accepts monetary contributions.
We see evidence of intervention in the doctor-patient relationship on a daily basis from the media, third parties, government entities, foundations, advocates for dental therapists and advanced dental hygiene practitioners, to name just a few. We need your help and we need your support.

Together we keep our patients healthy and our profession strong.


Important Note: If applicable, please include number of tickets, date, if parking pass is included, and how the highest bidder will receive his/her item.



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