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Membership in the Indiana Dental Association, American Dental Association and your local dental society links you to a powerful partnership of people and programs to help you protect your career investment so you can focus on your patients' oral health.

The IDA stands with its members as a partner and advocate. We are excited to continue providing the following values:
Hosting quality, affordable continuing education. IDA offers Continuing Education courses such as the IDA Academy, Dental Team Institute, Ethics and OSHA/ CPR Courses. The IDA Anuual Session features well known speakers such as Dr. Gordon Christensen.
Providing accurate, timely, 24-hour information through a new 2011 IDA member-focused website that will bring resources for IDA events, oral health and regulatory information and a directory connecting the community of dentistry in Indiana. IDA publications also continue to inform and entertain members, whether it is a Journal feature of clinical dental interest or an Indiana Dentist report on the activities of IUSD or the dental board. You can also engage the IDA on various social media.
Minimizing cost of doing business. The IDA reduces your expenses by reducing legal fees through the IDA peer review program, which provides self-regulation and mediation between patients and dental practices. Last year more than 100 complaints were resolved without courts and attorneys. IDA also researches and endorses discounted products such as credit card processing services, gloves, office supplies and insurance. These products help offset the cost of membership.
Organizing the professional community to save practices by encouraging "mutual aid agreements" between dentists; reminder calls for license renewal and offering personalized well-being counseling as needed. Local meetings also offer a time to share practice tips, get encouragement, ask a second opinion, and enjoy fellowship.
Answering your dental questions. The IDA responded to more than 5,000 member phone calls and emails in 2010, helping you answer the questions of run­ning a dental practice. If we don't know the answer, we research it and provide the answer as soon as possible.
Watching out for you. The IDA is constantly monitoring legislative, regulatory, economic and social trends to keep you informed and to protect the interests of dentists and patients. Every year, the IDA interacts with key lawmakers and carefully watches bills to insure your "dental voice" is heard.

Want to know about other valuable benefits you get from IDA/tripartite membership?
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