ADA House of Delegates Convenes in Denver

Twenty IDA leaders are in Denver, CO to represent Indiana dentists at the ADA House of Delegates. The House convenes tomorrow and continues through October 24.

The House will consider and debate almost 100 resolutions and reports that deal with a broad array of issues including a policy statement on intrusive third party payer practices, sedation and anesthesia guidelines, and funding for a national marketing campaign to encourage more adults to visit their ADA dentist regularly.

IDA also has a special interest in this year’s ADA president elect election. Dr. Joe Crowley, ADA trustee representing Indiana and Ohio, is a candidate in the three-man race. The winner will automatically advance to ADA president nest year.

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Indiana Dental Association Delegates to ADA

  • Dr. Jay Asdell
  • Dr. Todd P. Briscoe
  • Dr. Jill M. Burns
  • Dr. Lorraine Celis
  • Dr. Steve Ellinwood
  • Dr. Daniel W. Fridh
  • Dr. Steven J. Holm
  • Dr. Steve Hollar
  • Dr. Chad R. Leighty
  • Dr. Heather Maupin
  • Dr. Mark Mihalo
  • Dr. Gregory E. Phillips
  • Dr. Jeffrey A. Platt
  • Dr. Terry G. Schechner
  • Dr. Jeffrey Stolarz
  • Dr. J. Mark Thomas
  • Dr. Benjamin Yoder
  • Dr. Roger Valliere
  • Dr. David R. Holwager

Indiana ASDA Delegates to ADA

  • Mrs. Vanessa Dawson
  • Ms. Beverly Cunningham
  • Ms. Ariel Wong
  • Mr. Matthew Raskin
  • Mr. Joshua Blane



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