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What is IDPAC?

The Indiana Dental Political Action Committee, IDPAC, is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated group of dentists and their spouses, whose goal is to elect state candidates who are concerned about dentistry.

Do politics affect me?

You bet! Consider this:
Indiana state legislators play a role in implementing any national health care reform that is passed in Washington, D.C. It is important we educate legislators on the issues important to dentistry. For example:
  • Protect tax deductibility of health care benefits. If employees or employers are taxed on dental insurance benefit plans, Americans’ oral health will be compromised.
  • Preserve freedom of choice for dentists to participate in health plans and for patients to choose their providers of care.
  • Oppose the primary national goal of dental hygienists – the establishment of independent practices.
Dentistry is at a critical juncture. State and federal politicians could very well decide what kind of practice you’ll be running and what type of care your patients will be receiving in the future. Make sure your voice is heard. Dentists know what’s best for dentistry!

What can we do?

Elect candidates who will listen to our concerns. Your support can mean the difference between laws that are fair and laws that are not. It’s as simple as that. We have an opportunity to make a change in IDPAC.

Why was IDPAC organized?

Dental health policy was being established without dentist involvement. Politicians were determining what our problems were and developed their own solutions. Some did not even care about the dental profession. We needed to tell our side of the story.

Do IDPAC and ADPAC work together?

YES! They are an inseparable team working together to get the dental voice heard in the Indiana Legislature and the U.S. Congress. IDPAC is the “life support system” for ADPAC. ADPAC relies on us to provide information on the quality and effectiveness of candidates from Indiana.

What decides which candidates receive IDPAC support?

The key ingredients to candidate support are: candidate issue orientation, electability and, most important, input from local dentists.

Does IDPAC support Democrats or Republicans?

Both. IDPAC is bipartisan in its selection of candidates. It supports and seeks to elect candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to dentistry, regardless of party affiliation.

Why does IDPAC need me?

Our voice cannot be heard completely without the support of all members. Currently only one-fourth of all IDA members contribute to IDPAC. This means three-fourths of the members are counting on the others to carry the burden. We need you as much as you need us. If every member does his or her fair share, we will all benefit.

I already pay my Association dues, isn’t that enough?

Federal law and Indiana law prohibit the use of dues money for making contributions to candidates. IDPAC’s goals can only be realized through your contributions to candidates. IDPAC’s goals can only be realized through your contributions.

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