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2013 Indiana General Assembly Adjourns


The General Assembly adjourned Sine Die (adjourning without plans for reconvening) in the wee hours of Saturday morning, April 27, after passing the state budget. IDA supported SEA 590, the Omnibus Dental Practice Act Bill, is headed to the Governor's office for signature.  
The measure establishes a limited voluntary charitable permit for dental hygienists and dentists, which will allow the IDA to invite out-of-state dentists to participate in future IDA MOM dental care giving programs. The Indiana Dental Hygienists Association's requested change to "R.D.H." from "L.D.H." to the titles to be used for dental hygienists was also included, consistent with all other 49 states.   
SEA 590 also:

  • adds a $20 compliance fee that dental hygienists and dentists must pay at license renewal. The funds will be used to help the ISBD investigate compliance with dental law.  
  • repeals provisions requiring that continuing education courses for dental hygienists and dentists be made available in all Indiana geographic regions;
  • sets forth requirements for dental applicants who have graduated from unaccredited dental colleges;
  • removes a requirement that dentures must include a patient's Social Security number.
Language calling for a study committee was amended in conference committee to study the delivery of dental care by dental management service organizations and the Dental Group Practice Association.
The language that the ISBD sought, to require corporations to register with the board, was eliminated in the House Public Health Committee and replaced with language that would criminalize the act of a non-dentist denying patients access to their records.   
Unfortunately, SB 208, IDA's proposal to prevent dental insurers from setting fees for non-covered services, did not receive a vote in the House Insurance committee. Special thanks to Senator Jean Leising, and Representative Denny Zent for authoring and sponsoring the bill. We will be revisiting the issues and will most likely seek the introduction of non-covered services legislation during the 2014 Indiana General Assembly.    
Governor Pence got a 5-percent income tax cut over four years and a boost in the state's vocational education system. But pressing issues on health care reform were not addressed. The Governor's office is seeking to use the Healthier Indiana Program for Indiana's Medicaid expansion. Unfortunately, the Legislature did not see fit to give him authority to negotiate with the federal government, so the future of the state's Medicaid program will be determined by the Federal Health and Human Services Agency.  

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