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Allcare Dental files Chapter 7 bankruptcy


Allcare Dental Management, Inc., and 14 related companies have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of New York in Buffalo, New York. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is a liquidation. The names of the companies that have filed for bankruptcy appear at the end of this article.

The Allcare companies previously operated dental clinics at multiple locations in thirteen states. Although some of their locations closed earlier, most of the dental chain closed in December, 2010, when the companies were unable to obtain enough new financing or equity investments to continue in business. 

The Bankruptcy Court has announced that an “initial meeting of creditors”, also known as a “Section 341 Meeting,” will be held on December 12, 2011, at 1:00 p.m., at the United States Trustee’s Office, Olympic Towers, 300 Pearl Street, 4th Floor, Buffalo, New York 14202. The purpose of this meeting is to permit the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee to ask Allcare representatives questions about the assets and liabilities of the Allcare companies and the reasons for their bankruptcy filings. Creditors are permitted to attend this meeting and may be permitted to ask questions, but this meeting has nothing to do with the process of filing a claim for payment in these bankruptcy cases. 

Since going out of business, the Allcare companies have been liquidating their assets and attempting to collect from former patients and insurance companies amounts which are owed for dental services rendered before the store closings. These collection efforts and asset sales will continue in Chapter 7. 

Chief United States Bankruptcy Judge Carl L. Bucki has instructed that no creditors of these companies should file a claim for payment in these bankruptcy cases at this time and no deadline for the filing such claims has been set by the Court. He has directed that if it is determined at some future date that sufficient assets have been collected to permit a distribution to creditors, then notice will be sent to the last known address of each known potential creditor of the Allcare companies, notifying them where and by when they must file any claims. 

The following are the names and case numbers of the Allcare companies which have filed Chapter 7 bankruptcies: Allcare Dental Management, Inc., Case No. 11-13848-CLB, Allcare Dental Management, LLC (f/k/a Allcare, LLC), Case No. 11-13850-CLB, Allcare Dental & Dentures of NY, P.C., Case No. 11-13847-CLB, Allcare Dental & Dentures Inc. of Ohio-Bates, Case No. 11-13851-CLB, Allcare Dental & Dentures of IA, P.C., Case No. 11-13852-CLB, Allcare Dental & Dentures of IL-Bates DDS, P.C., Case No. 11-13857-CLB, Allcare Dental & Dentures of IN, P.C., Case No. 11-13853-CLB, Allcare Dental & Dentures of MA, P.C., Case No. 11-13854-CLB, Allcare Dental & Dentures of MI, P.C., Case No. 11-13856-CLB, Allcare Dental & Dentures of ND, P.C., Case No. 11-13855-CLB, Allcare Dental & Dentures of NH, P.C., Case No. 11-13858-CLB, Allcare Dental & Dentures of TN, P.C., Case No. 11-13859-CLB, Allcare Dental & Dentures of WI, P.C., Case No. 11-13860-CLB, Allcare Dental & Dentures, P.C., Case No. 11-13862-CLB and Dr. Bates, DDS, Inc., Case No. 11-13861-CLB.

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