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'Contact dentists' sought for new legislators


Now that Election Day has passed, it is time to engage your representatives in the Statehouse. As the Indiana State Legislature welcomes 28 new faces in the upcoming legislative session, the time for IDA members to reach out on behalf of dentistry is now.

The IDA’s ‘Contact Dentist’ program seeks to establish working dialogue between state legislators and dentists in their legislative districts.

After each election the IDA extends congratulations to winning candidates to welcome them to the legislature. If the IDA advocacy team is able to also include the legislator’s dentist in these and other interactions, there is an even greater chance to catch the legislator’s attention and keep the door open for future dialogue about dentistry’s concerns.

The IDA has compiled a list of the state’s newly elected senators and representatives. Please review the list, alphabetized by city, and let us know if you have existing connections with these individuals:


Most legislative issues impacting the practice of dentistry are concentrated in a few substantive standing Committees; The Senate Health and Provider Services Committee, the House Public Health Committee, the House Insurance committee and in both of the House and Senate fiscal committees.


If you do not have an existing relationship with your legislator but would like to be more engaged in IDA advocacy efforts, please contact Ed Popcheff, Director of Governmental Affairs, at

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