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Dental Practice Act bill clears Senate Committee


Senate Bill 590, the IDA-supported bill that proposes multiple changes to the Dental Practice Act, passed out of the Senate Health and Provider Services Committee unanimously Wednesday, February 13.

Our thanks go out to Sen Ryan Mishler (R-Bremen) for authoring the measure. Please take the time to send an email to Sen Mishler at

The bill addressed a number of issues including: 

  • A $20 dollar increase to the dentist and hygienist license renewal fees to provide additional funding to the Indiana State Board of Dentistry (ISBD) to conduct compliance efforts. 

  • Establishment of a temporary "limited charitable permit" that would allow dentists and hygienists licensed out-of-state to practice in Indiana when helping with charitable events. 

  • New regulations for non-dentists or non-licensed out-of-state dentists who own or operate dental practices in Indiana. They would be required to register with the Board of Dentistry and appoint a licensed dentist to be responsible for clinical decisions that are made in the practice. Out-of-state owners would be held subject to the same laws regarding practice closure and patient abandonment that apply to licensed Indiana dentists. Establishment of a pathway for licensure for dental graduates of foreign dental schools that are not CODA accredited.

The Senate Committee passed a last-minute amendment to delete the $20 license fee increase for the ISBD compliance fund, but the change appears to be procedural; it will be moved to HB 1001, the state budget bill. 

Drs. Steve Hollar and Matt Miller of the Indiana State Board of Dentistry spoke in favor of the bill, as did Dean John Williams of the IU School of Dentistry. IDA Executive Director Mr. Doug Bush, and Mr. Steve Bebe of the Indiana Dental Hygienists’ Association also offered testimony supporting the bill. There was no opposition testimony. The Committee's primary concerns surrounded the temporary charitable permit for out-of-state dentists. The bill moves to second reading, where it can be amended again. A vote by the full Senate is expected early next week.

TAKE ACTION: Members can play a significant role in advancing IDA-sponsored legislation by signing up for Legislative Alerts (click here) or by calling our office to learn how to rally colleagues in your community (317.634.2610).

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