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Dental students apply for tripartite membership


More than 75 fourth-year students at the Indiana University School of Dentistry committed to membership in organized dentistry in late April, as part of the Indiana Dental Association’s annual “Signing Day.”

In addition to providing information about graduation, the event provides an opportunity to sign up for membership in the IDA. New graduates who remain in Indiana are eligible for all of the benefits of IDA membership at no cost during their first year out of school.

“We understand that IUSD students graduate with significant debt, and that they feel the pressure to start practicing as soon as possible,” said Jody Cleary, IDA Director of Membership and Financial Services. “Signing Day makes it convenient for the students to give us the information we need to continue to reach out to them.”

If students indicate they plan to move elsewhere to practice, they are still encouraged to fill out the forms to provide up-to-date contact information to the American Dental Association.

IUSD students participated in commencement ceremonies Saturday, May 12. 

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