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Drinks Destroy Teeth calls for volunteers, donors


The Indiana Dental Association's award-winning Drinks Destroy Teeth program is seeking additional member support. In addition to member input and volunteer time, the program's chair, Dr. Diane Buyer, is calling on IDA members for financial support to achieve the programs 2012-2013 goals.

Below are the latest updates for the program, as well as more specific information about volunteer and donation needs.

ADA's new '' website refers to Drinks Destroy Teeth
The new ADA website for the general public,, went live July 1, 2012, to serve as a public resource for oral health information. The Drinks Destroy Teeth website is mentioned with the preventive information for teens who want to learn more about acids in drinks. This helps spread the word to a wider audience, and has dramatically increased the number of hits to the Drinks Destroy Teeth website. To view the ADA's new website, click here.
Calling all Tech-Savvy Dentists!
The Drinks Destroy Teeth committee is looking for tech-savvy IDA dentists to join the committee and help develop an iPad application for the Drinks Destroy Teeth science lessons. The app will help educate the "iPad generation" about the acids in popular drinks. It is the IDA's sincere hope that the application will help augment the science lessons in classrooms. The Drinks Destroy Teeth subcommittee seeks any technologically inclined dentists who can help guide the process. Interested members should contact Will Sears at
Fund drive to match $10,000 
The technology to develop the Drinks Destroy Teeth iPad application will be costly and time-consuming. The cost range is wide, from $20,000 to $70,000. The program is raising funds and hopes to begin at the low range of $20,000.  Drinks Destroy Teeth has a commitment of $10,000 from an outside foundation, but only if members can match it with $10,000 in donations. The committee has secured $2,500, so $7500 remains! The committee is accepting any amount a society or individual wishes to donate. If we cannot reach the threshold of $10,000, donations will be returned to the donors.
Please send  donations to:

Indiana Dental Association (Attn: Drinks Destroy Teeth)
401 W. Michigan St., Ste. 1000
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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