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Editorial Board readies newsletter transition


As part of an ongoing effort to make member communications more effective, the IDA Editorial Board and Council on Communications are transitioning the printed Association newsletter content to the printed Journal and IDA website this fall.
The 2012 House of Delegates approved the merging of publications at its meeting in June, following a yearlong membership survey process by the Council on Communications.
In addition to saving $4,000 in the first year, the discontinuation of the newsletter will allow more timely delivery of news stories to members with biweekly email updates. Members currently receive the newsletter every other month, making much of the content dated by the time it reaches members’ mailboxes.
“We are keenly aware of the challenges we face in making sure members don’t feel a loss of membership value as a result of the transition,” said Will Sears, Director of Communications. “While the newsletter will be gone, we are adding improvements to the content of the journal and website over the coming months that should actually add new value to being an IDA members.”
The last issue of the newsletter will ship to members in December, with a full redesign of the Journal to be released by early January 2013.

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