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Healthy Indiana Plan sought for exchange solutions


On the minds of many IDA members is the question, “What does the Patient Affordable Care Act (PACA) mean for my patients and my practice?’
It is estimated there are about 5.5 million Indiana residents ages 0-64, and that approximately 1.1 million will go onto a state-based insurance exchange or a federal exchange. How the state defines the minimum package for both Medicaid and the exchange products is crucial to citizens’ oral health. In addition, this change will create a new group of individuals who have a dental benefit. 
Unfortunately, what the exchange market will look like in Indiana post-2014 isn’t set in stone. What we do know, however, is that those seeking federally mandated insurance on the insurance exchanges will be offered a dental plan.
An unanswered question for Indiana is whether the dental plans will be stand-alone plans or instead be incorporated into the medical plans offered. The ADA worked with stakeholders on the federal level to ensure that stand-alone dental insurance would be one of the options available. 
The IDA is analyzing the impact of the new exchanges, as directed by the 2011 IDA House of Delegates. But, now it is uncertain if the Healthy Indiana Plan will be the only option available on the exchange, or one of many. In addition, the impact on the Medicaid population will be dramatic, and the existence of an adult dental Medicaid benefit is uncertain.
The Indiana Health Finance Commission is studying and monitoring the progress of the Indiana Department of Insurance and the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration in the implementation of PACA.
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