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IDA launches online tools for councils, committees


As part of the Indiana Dental Association’s rollout of its new website,, collaborative online tools are now available to councils, committees, the Board of Trustees, and the House of Delegates.

Managed by IDA staff, the online pages will serve to improve effectiveness in planning meetings, provide a platform for posting minutes and meeting files, and enable interaction about topics in online forums.

“We used the new webpage for our last Council on Communications meeting,” said Dr. Lorraine Celis, chair of the Council on Communications. “There was no need to print hundreds of pages of paper, and everything we discussed was in one place for all of our follow-up conversations.”

IDA staff are trained to use the new webpages for any councils and committees they serve. Members who serve on any council or committee, the Board of Trustees, or the House of Delegates, can view these new tools by logging into the Member Center of the website.

Instructions for using IDA Council & Committee Online Tools

1 - Log into the Member Center. From the front page, click on “Member Login.” You will then be prompted to enter your ADA membership number and last name (first letter capitalized). This will take you to the Member Center, where members have access to pages for any group to which they belong. 

2 - Look for the “Councils & Committees” category on the lefthand panel. You should see your councils, committees, or other groups listed below “Councils & Committees.” Click on the group you wish to view.

3 - Explore. While many pages are still being populated, you should be able to see rosters, past minutes, and your group’s forum. The staff member(s) assigned to your group will be in touch regarding how you will use the page for your next meeting.

Need more help? Get to know your new website better. Call us at the IDA Central Office at 800.562.5646, or email Will Sears, Director of Communications, at

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