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IDA outlines legislative package for 2013


The IDA will pursue a number of legislative changes based on charges from the IDA House of Delegates. Below you will find a summary of the initiatives, for which we will need your voice and support in the Indiana General Assembly.

  • $20 Surcharge to Fund Compliance Officer
  • Charity Dental License
  • Donated Dental Services Funding Extension
  • Non-Covered Services

In addition to our legislative package issues, other issues will emerge from the external environment and decisions the State of Indiana needs to make, such as the following:

  • Will the State of Indiana opt into an expanded Medicaid Program?
  • How will the Federal Health Care Exchange be operated in Indiana?
  • FSSA’s contemplation of using a dental benefit manager
  • Ensuring Adult Medicaid Dental Care Access
  • Access to Care for Dentally Uninsured Adults
  • HIP Program Construction and Continuation
  • Stand-Alone Dental Plans on Exchanges
  • Enhanced restrictions on scheduled prescription writing

Want to learn how you can get involved? Please contact Ed Popcheff, Director of Governmental Affairs, at

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