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American Dental Association awards grants to IDA



Assistant Executive Director

The Indiana Dental Association recently received $26,200 in two grants from the American Dental Association for new membership outreach programs: The Indiana AIR Leadership Program and “Dental Divas” program for women dentists.

The American Dental Association has recently seen drops in market share of both women and young dentists. Their new “Membership Program for Growth (MPG)” focuses on awarding grants to constituent dental societies with specific membership outreach programs impacting target membership demographics.

The Indiana AIR Leadership Development Program is focused on training future leaders for the dental profession, particularly those from diverse backgrounds. The program is a two-year leadership training program open to all members, but focused on these new dentists in an effort to prepare the association’s next generation of leaders with skills needed for leading in their dental practices, their communities and their dental association. The first class begins this fall with exploring leadership skills, team building, negotiation and conflict resolution, communication skills, advocacy training and leadership logistics. Interested individuals can apply to the Indiana AIR Program online at 

The second initiative is the “Dental Divas” program. The program specifically reaches out to female dentists. Membership statistics indicate that women dentists are a growing demographic, and the IDA knows women face unique challenges in the dental profession. The IDA Council on Membership is in the planning stage for the program and hopes to host a one-day summit for women dentists this fall. The “Dental Diva” event will include continuing education; address specific issues women dentists face (i.e. health issues; leadership, staffing, etc.), and a “Local Dental Diva Launch Packet” that will help local components host their own gatherings for women dentists. 

If you would like to be a part of planning or programming for either of the events, please contact the IDA Central Office at 800.562.5646 and speak with Jay Dziwlik.


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