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Continuing education audits coming soon


Every current dental and dental hygiene license in Indiana should have been renewed by midnight on March 1, 2012. It was a fairly smooth renewal process overall for the Indiana State Board of Dentistry, as well as the 3,990 dental and 4,828 dental hygiene relicensure submissions. Now comes the all-new part of the renewal process, license audits.

When you renewed your dental license you were asked if you had fulfilled your continuing education requirements. This was in the form of a simple question, and no proof was needed at that time.

If you get chosen randomly for the license audit, however, you will need to provide proof of your continuing education credits. The Indiana State Board of Dentistry will randomly audit 9.99% of the licenses issued, which roughly translates into 398 dentists and 482 dental hygienists. Email notifications for the license audits are scheduled to go out no later than June 1, 2012. If you don’t have an email address on file with the Board, you will be notified by mail.

The audit will be relatively painless if your continuing education credits are in order. It is just a matter of copying your CE certificates and providing a copy to the Indiana State Board of Dentistry by mail (no fax or email responses will be accepted). The Indiana State Board of Dentistry will notify you upon receipt of your certificates. 

The Board will take 6-8 weeks to review your certificates and will then notify you of compliance or noncompliance.

Each CE certificate should include the name of the program, date of the continuing education and number of hours awarded. You should also doublecheck that you have the 20 required hours for dentists, or 14 for hygienists—all of them having occurred during the March 2, 2010-March 1, 2012, licensure period.

No more than five hours of continuing education can be counted in the area of practice management. Proof of two hours of Indiana Ethics, Jurisprudence, and Professional Responsibility is required, as well.

Any noncompliant continuing education records discovered in the audit process will be fined based on the number of hours out of compliance: a dentist could face maximum fines of $1,000, or $375 for hygienists. 

If you have specific questions about CE audits, please call the Indiana State Board of Dentistry at 317.234.2054 or the IDA Central Office at 800.562.5646. 

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