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State, national fluoridation debate returns


In recent months communities in Northern Indiana have suspended fluoridation. North Liberty and Walkerton in St. Joseph County, and Argos in Marshall County, have all discontinued fluoridation due to cost considerations.

Dr. Kerry Knape and Dr. Tom Pedavoli have been working with the lDA and the Indiana State Department of Health to get these communities back on line with public fluoridation.

The American Dental Association has also reported in recent weeks that some local economies are leading many communities to reconsider their continuation of fluoride in public water systems.

Indiana needs your help. If you are a dentist who serves as a local appointed or elected official, please let us know. Often, local health boards have members who are dentists, and some dentists serve as town, city or county officials. Please contact Ed Popcheff, IDA Director of Governmental Affairs, at to get involved in your community.

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