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The Importance of Member Email Addresses


Effective the December issue of the Indiana Dentist, the IDA will no longer publish a printed bimonthly newsletter. Instead, news updates will be primarily distributed through a new biweekly IDA email update, with highlighted stories appearing in the IDA’s quarterly Journal.

The Editorial Board and Council on Communications carefully considered a number of options for communicating news and important information to members. Since a quarterly journal would not suffice for informing members of breaking legislative news, for example, a more timely outlet would be required. Human interest pieces that have regularly appeared in the Indiana Dentist, however, will be merged into the Journal.

“We realize there will be glitches in the beginning, as we remind members of the changes in ways we communicate with them,” said Dr. Jack Drone, IDA Editor. “The Editorial Board as well as IDA staff have already done a lot of work to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible.

“The critical action for every member to take to stay up to date on IDA news is to make sure the IDA has your email address. If we can’t email you about important items, you may totally miss information that significantly impacts your practice,” Dr. Drone said.

The Editorial Board recently released how current newsletter content will merge into either the biweekly email update or quarterly journal, as follows:

  • Columns by Drs. Michael Rader and William Risk will now appear in the quarterly journal.
  • “Chatter,” a question-and-answer interview featuring an IDA member, will now appear in the quarterly journal.
  • Legislative news and calls for action will now reach members exclusively through email updates.
  • A digest of actions from the Indiana State Board of Dentistry will now appear on the IDA website in the Member Center.
  • Registration forms for IDA events and resources will be distributed primarily through the biweekly IDA email update, not in printed form.

The biweekly email update will begin January 1; members will receive the next issue of the IDA journal in late January 2013.

If you have any questions about the transition, contact IDA Director of Communications Will Sears at

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