Title: Journal IDA - Summer 2013
Publication Year: 2013

The focus of the Summer 2013 JIDA is charitalbe care, with a special section on insurance reform. Contents include:

Guest Editorial, Dr. Jim Lipton
Letters to the editor, Dr. Richard E Jones, Dr. Michael D. Rader
President’s Message, Dr. Desiree Dimond
Health Care Reform, W. James Hamilton & Kristi Hassinger
Backyard Wildlife, Dr. Bill Risk
Component 140
Because It’s Indiana, Dr. Jay Asdell
Smooth and Fast to the Finish Line, Dr. Michael Bagnoli
Community – connected to patients through work and life, Dr. Jeffrey A. Bennett
OSHA/CPR Courses Available
Annual Session Recap, Dr. Jeffrey A. Bennett
New Officers
Resolutions Briefing, Jay Dziwlik
Progress Report, Dr. Jay Asdell
Awards Ceremony
Hoosier Smiles, Dr. Louis R. Sertich
Dentists Making a Difference
Including CAD/CAM Dentistry in a Dental School Curriculum, Dr. William D. Browning
Complications Associated with the Placement and Restoration of Dental Implants Dr. Vanchit John, Dr. Brittany Lane, Dr Gabriel Chu
CE Quiz
Member information
Smile, Dr. Tom Gilbert
Last Word, Dr. Michael D. Rader

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